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Important Tips to Design Your Book Cover

Choosing a good book cover design is essential despite the fact that the old saying tells as not to judge the book by its cover. The reason you should do so is because the cover of the book will be the first thing your reader sees. As such, it is essential to choose a book cover design that will say so much about your book without necessarily revealing so much. Here are important book cover ideas that will help you out.

As you come up with your book cover you should start by using white space. The reason why you should so is because it creates focus.Reputable authors have utilized this feature on their book covers. The title, Wealth of Nations for example, has been created using white space. In her book called something for the plan, Helen Yentus has also used white space to represent hospital lights. The white space you use should be enough to capture the attention of the reader in case you decide to utilize it.

While designing the cover of your book you should also use photography as it is another essential idea. A unique and interesting book cover can be created by making great use of figurative image. Other than that, one can achieve a professional display by making adequate use of photography. The attention of readers have been drawn by several reputable authors in the past by using this trick. It is also an efficient way of selling out the theme of the book. Captivating photos that will make the reader open the book should also be used.

The first thing you should do before you design the cover of the book is to set the tone. Different tricks can be adopted to help you set the tone. Using graphic memoir is one of the major tricks used to set a good tone. Other than that, you can also make great use of colors and shapes. For instance, you can use drops of the red color to create a chilling tone. Red color can also be used together with rose flowers to mimic love. Your book cover should imitate a tone that is similar to the content.

Using a 3D cover will go a long way in ensuring that your readers understand what your book is all about. Movement can be created through layering when using the 3D layout. You can also think about using cutout aesthetics as it is another important feature. Using this trick helps create more depth and interest. For the 3D layout to be a success, it is essential to choose the right position for your image.

To conclude, the narrative of your story must be displayed on the book cover. Before you readers start reading the book., they should have no doubt about the content covered by your story. As such, it is important to use tricks that will entice the reader to open more pages at the slightest view of the book cover.

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